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JaffaJam today saved Christmas by releasing Slam Dunk Santa in the nick of time… Join Santa and Rudolf as they take a page out of the basketball handbook: that gift’s gonna get thrown down your chimney from the 3 pointer line, and if your skills are on the money, you might even make a Christmas swish. Game features include:

  • Graphics that will make you cry from their beauty!
  • Procedurally generated infinite universe! IT JUST KEEPS GOING!
  • Variable chimney heights and roof pitches JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE!

Santa’s put on a little around the waistline and he’s too big to fit down the chimney… But those presents won’t get down there on their own, gamer.

Slam Dunk Santa is the third game from recently launched hyper-casual developer and publisher JaffaJam utilising its framework BubbleGum, a development toolset for the Unity platform. Soon to be opened up for the use of partnered development teams, BubbleGum is a modular system for integrating common and complex functionality for in-game systems such as procedural-generation, music mixers, localization, character selection and achievements - with an ongoing roadmap to add many more. Combined with cloud services, analytics and a marketing framework, this represents a complete pipeline that frees up developer resources to focus on the creative process.


You can check out the trailer here:

For further information or interviews, media should contact Tim Ponting via [email protected]

About JaffaJam
Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, JaffaJam’s team has decades of combined experience in development and publishing, having produced over 70 casual game titles under contract for some of the biggest entertainment businesses in the world, including Disney, Marvel, Sony and Microsoft. JaffaJam’s vision is to perfect the way free-to-play games are made and monetized by building profiles of player preferences and serving them individually targeted experiences, consistently growing a network of fans by constantly improving a pipeline from prototype to market for both its own games and those of development partners utilising its custom BubbleGum framework.

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