Neo-Aztec Shoot’em Up Pawarumi Landing on PlayStation 4 in February 2020!

The critically acclaimed trinity mechanic shoot’em up Pawarumi from French developer Manufacture 43 will land on PS4 in February 2020. A physical Limited Edition will be available for pre-order at online retailer Playasia on December 12, 2019. Physical Limited Edition Available for Pre-order on December 12th Best described as rock-paper-scissors with lasers, Pawarumi is a vertical […]

Prepare for Couch Co-op Underwearfare in Brief Battles Feb 21 on Nintendo Switch

– Juicy Cupcake announced today that their fast-paced, underwear-fueled party game, Brief Battles will be butt-slamming onto the Nintendo eShop on February 21, 2020! Battle with crossovers from Yooka-Laylee, Bit.Trip.Runner, World Of Goo and more! The Nintendo Switch adaption of Brief Battles runs at a slick 60FPS, with camera tracking and UI improvements for playing as […]

Vambrace: Cold Soul – Pre-Order coming soon!

Cologne, Germany December 9th 2019 – We’re happy to reveal our second limited edition, Gamefairy #002: Vambrace: Cold Soul for Nintendo Switch! Vambrace: Cold Soul Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch The limited edition of the beautiful and icey adventure game for Nintendo Switch will be available at a quantity of 2,500 units via  At an SRP of $49.99 (incl. VAT, […]

Bayonetta & Vanquish Launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 18, 2020!

Ten years after their original debut, Bayonetta and Sam Gideon return once more in the Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, set to launch on February 18, 2020! This bundle, available for $39.99 in physical or digital format, comes with both the original Bayonetta and Vanquish, remastered in 4K resolution at 60fps […]

Biggest Update Yet Brings New Content, Maps and Rune System to Anime MMO NosTale

Today, Gameforge — the leading Western publisher of popular multiplayer online games — is pleased to introduce Act 7: The Orcs and the Celestial Spire, the biggest update for NosTale in years! In the seventh chapter of the anime role-playing game, players can expect new maps, monsters, and quests, as well as an enhanced game experience in […]