Santa’s Elves Just Got an Upgrade!

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 Snow is falling, the choirs are singing, and your tabletop is a bustlin’! Little Big Workshop is here with an all-new update! Now you can enjoy your tabletop factory with an all-new winter theme.

Snow is falling, the choirs are singing, and your tabletop is bustlin’! Little Big Workshop is here with an all-new winter theme!

Are your
rooms looking bland? Not to worry, completely new seasonal decorations
have been added! Set up your own little version of Santa’s workshop and
get started building some of the new seasonal products, including new
toys, old-school sleds and snowmobiles! Who knows, maybe even the
white-bearded man himself may need some help...

Watch the holiday update trailer here:

asked and we’ve listened: Little Big Workshop now has a pause button!
No need to stress about where to place that new workbench or wanting to
get a closer look at everything. The hustle in a big factory won’t seem
as intimidating, now that you can take your time to look around!

construction tool has also been improved. You will now be able to
create and modify rooms more easily and quickly. We’ve also implemented
an optional free camera that will allow you to freely rotate around a
central focus point.

This update will be free of charge and available on Steam.

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