Jadiri Gamer and the MTG Arena Game of the day the Magic colors Black and Green. we carved through the quest and more with ease today the game was playing Fair.

It usually takes a


We had some fun in the MTG Arena today and actually made some progress on the rank front rather than just give up more than we ever gain

the Only Job this game has once been here being the Shuffle and match play, there are Group that take care of card and thousands more thing but basic care shuffle and draw if they can't get this the thought come to mind after all the complaints on these things is it could be time for new dev who can get the bare-bones basics of the card game Right

Decks Used today " adventure time", "Liliana's Legion", "Chandra's Blaze" these decks carved a path with Ease from beginning to end through the Quest of the day Completing and within a notch of ranking to Gold Level 3 in just less than and hours.

our Hero Card(S) of the day is Still our Zombie Token armies that support and Counter up each other.

1 Liliana, Dreadhorde General (WAR) 97
1 Enter the God-Eternals (WAR) 196
1 Dreadhorde Invasion (WAR) 86
2 Faerie Duelist (RNA) 39
1 Sphinx of Foresight (RNA) 55
1 Commence the Endgame (WAR) 45
3 Eternal Skylord (WAR) 49
3 Aven Eternal (WAR) 42
4 Lazotep Reaver (WAR) 96
2 Gleaming Overseer (WAR) 198
2 Callous Dismissal (WAR) 44
2 Spectral Sailor (M20) 76
2 Winged Words (M20) 80
2 Unexplained Vision (ELD) 70
2 Foulmire Knight (ELD) 90
2 Nightveil Predator (GRN) 191
3 Murder (M20) 109
1 Gravewaker (M20) 323
4 Dimir Guildgate (GRN) 245
11 Swamp (WAR) 257
10 Island (WAR) 255

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MTG Arena Hero Card(s) of the day "Lazotep Reaver "

MTG Arena Hero Card(s) of the day  "Lazotep Reaver "

Creature — Zombie Beast

When Lazotep Reaver enters the battlefield, amass 1. (Put a +1/+1 counter on an Army you control. If you don’t control one, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token first.)

Despite their many forms, the Eternals worked in chilling harmony, unburdened by instinct or emotion.

There are many of these types of cards that build and counter up these zombie army token there are dozens in Liliana's Legion, Jadiri Game live streams the game of the day every day on Facebook and Twitch.

we feature to break down decks and hero card each day to help new players understand better in hopes of making their game stronger Knowledge is power Wisdom is a strength .


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