Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the Day Black and white Quest of the Day ok today is white and black day 20 Spells we still have some weekly mastery rank left will we rank up again today.

It usually takes a


This Was the Best game of the day in the last 4 days Not only leveled once but just shy of twice mastery went up earn a pack of the card we Got and purchased a Dragon welp

lots of question lots happened we have along way to go and a game with issues slowing our move along that path down.

Today was a good day in the game of the day Couldn't have asked for nice performance and group to play the game with we used 2 decks that really stood up and took action in the quest of the day "out for Blood" was the strongest

out for Blood has some power behind it, however, even more, it has a lot of enemies destructive and Exilee power behind it and stands tall against most pretty much no matter the creature you send it the way it is less strong again enemies who send no creature only sideboard out.

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Out for Blood decklist

1 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105
1 Gravewaker (M20) 323
4 Vampire of the Dire Moon (M20) 120
3 Child of Night (GRN) 65
3 Spinal Centipede (GRN) 86
3 Dark Remedy (M20) 321
3 Vampire Opportunist (M20) 326
4 Sorin's Thirst (M20) 325
3 Vindictive Vampire (RNA) 90
2 Bloodthirsty Aerialist (M20) 91
2 Disfigure (M20) 95
3 Murder (M20) 109
2 Bone Splinters (M20) 92
1 Meteor Golem (M20) 232
25 Swamp (M20) 269

MTG Arena Hero Card of the day " Meteor Golem " destroys a creature the opponent Controls when it enters the battlefield it is also 3/3 powerhouse to help back you up.

Meteor Golem Written on the card

 Meteor Golem  Written on the card

Artifact Creature — Golem

When Meteor Golem enters the battlefield, destroy target nonland permanent an opponent controls.

The impact sent the soldiers scattering—then something came out of the crater.


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