Happy Holiday Season from Rhino Games!

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The holiday season is in full swing here at Rhino Games HQ. To celebrate, we have gifts for everyone!

Three Packs and a Bonus Card Back!

Have some holiday cheer on us! The codes below will grant 3 card
packs and unlock a new card back. The codes are the same for everyone
and can only be applied to each account once. Feel free to share them
and spread the holiday cheer!

Here are the codes:
3 Core Packs: SNOWPACK

And here’s a look at the fancy card back this unlocks:

These codes expire at 11:59pm on 12/31/2019 PT, so make sure to redeem them this year!

Codes can be redeemed on Android, Steam, and the web client.

Beta Season 1 Ending

Remember that the first ranked season of the Open Beta ends on
12/20/2019. Get your games in, climb as high as you can, and earn those
season card trims before the season ends! The rank trims are already in
game, but you can see them below too.

We have something special planned for the end of season. Stay tuned for our update on the 20th.

December Community Contests

There are four upcoming community contests. Check out the full
details on how to participate and the prizes by joining our discord at https://discord.gg/mythgard

Dec 5-11 Post your fan art in our “Fan Art” discord channel to
be entered to win 20 card packs! A bonus prize of 25 packs will be
given to the art piece that receives the most votes!

Dec 12-13 Explore Mythgard - find hidden art and lore to be entered to win 15 card packs.

Dec 15-21 Grab a friend and win a game in 2v2! Send the
screenshot to RhinoLeo on discord to be entered to win 2 Mythic cards of
your choice.

Dec 22-28 Get into the Holiday mood by writing a
Mythgard-themed holiday story! Enter by uploading your story to the
“Holiday Stories” channel on discord. The prizes will be 40 packs, 20
packs, and 10 packs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Draft Format Revamp

Gotta call some more attention to one of the coolest updates from the
last patch: the Draft Format Improvements. If you've already been
playing, you'll already know these details. If you've been on a break,
here is what’s new in draft:

  • When you draft, you pick from 6 cards not 5 now, and the draft
    screen is now a vertical layout to accommodate the increased number of
  • Three paths and three powers are shown at the beginning of the draft
    - all of them are added to your draft collection, so you can shape your
    draft accordingly.
  • We removed adaptive color matching in favor of boost and cull cards
    that allow you to curate your card colors yourself. The first boost card
    increases the chances of a color by 100% and the second increases the
    chances of that color by 200%. The first cull card reduces the chances
    of a color by 50% and the second reduces it to 0%.
  • A given pick slot can now contain more than one card. (Check out the screenshot below!)
  • Arena bonus drafts are now 3 rounds instead of 5.

Come check out the draft changes!

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