MTG Arena Game of the day Tip with honest Roping is never the Best


fandomfare gaming MTG Arena Game of the day I thought rather than a deck of the day we would have the game of the day and simply feature one of the deck we used the most or was the most for the quest of the day helpful and pick the hero card from all the play.

we are changing the way we do the Game of the day deck of the day will be the deck that makes the best show as a hero deck Hero card pick from all play

we have not added that many new decks and we have featured most as many as three and 4 times so we will have kind of hero deck and hero card or cards of the day from our game of the day.

make sense that we put more focus on card and tios that can help the new players become stronger I know when I start New meaning never having played magic ever there was not a lot around in the digital world freely offer tips and knowledge and the one that is never really answered what you were asking making you feel like maybe you were asking the wrong things or something at time making you more uneasy.

want an Honest fact and tip to help your game be stronger Roping or letting timers run out don;t help you game at all best way is to understand the cards you have and make plays as quickly as possible always thinking a move ahead with back up in case the opponent make that unthinkable move the when the game moves quickly the guy with the best strategy that understands his game-best really wins and that is whet magic and most all games are about.

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magic the other card game was always meant to be s fast-paced game letting timers run out is considered poor sportsmanship and impresses no one it also shows how little you understand about the game your playing.

Jadiri gamer has a game of the day every day on Facebook with tip and thoughts for the new player "THE MORE YOU KNOW"

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