Futuristic Shooter Children of the Eclipse Reveals a Humorous Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser

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Nutfarm Games released a new action-packed teaser for their top-down shooter Children of the Eclipse. The video reveals a cool feature of merging two player characters into one powerful mech unit. Take out a variety of dangerously weird enemies, uncover an epic conspiracy involving immortal cybernetic space travellers while relaxing between missions, jamming to an unforgettable and varied original soundtrack.

Step into the far-future shoes of Pilot and Flex on their quest to maintain order amongst the Fringe Zone researchers

View the teaser: http://bit.ly/COTE_teaser
Wishlist in Steam: http://bit.ly/COTE_Steam
Pre-Registration for Press Keys: http://bit.ly/COTE_keys

About the game
Children of the Eclipse is a hardcore 1-2 player retro shooter at heart, wrapped in next-gen graphics, set in a unique far-future utopian sci-fi world teeming with life. The game is set in a far-future utopia, where all energy sources are renewable and cultures take pride in finding scientific solutions that benefit everyone, not just themselves. You´ll also find plenty of unique humor in this buzzing world - may it be sentient rocks, mercenary DJs or scientists in mind control suits.

Pilot and Flexbot are two Synthesizers on Planet O-2, where societies are built on scientific research, not on wealth or the strength of an army. Their job is to make sure Fringe Zone explorers and researchers keep out of trouble. An easy-going job takes an unexpected turn when Flexbot goes missing... The pair embarks on an adventure filled with explosive battles, unforgettable characters and lots of partying. 

- Hardcore 2 player retro shooter at heart
- 1- and 2-player game modes
- A rich world populated by unforgettable characters
- Destructible environment
- Asymmetrical gameplay
- Awesome soundtrack

Children of the Eclipse is targeted for launch on select desktop and console platforms in late 2020.

About the studio
Nutfarm Games is a Finland based game studio with a deep love for PC and console gaming. Originally founded by two friends Olli and Ari, the game studio aims to combine frosty northern humor and action-packed gaming experience.

Website: http://www.nutfarmgames.com/

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