A Tofu Tail, the flavor-swapping puzzle game, launches December 12th on PC

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Indie game development company alchemedium has announced that their long-awaited puzzle game – A Tofu Tail – will be released on December 12th, 2019 for WindowsMacOS, and Linux at $14.99 on the A Tofu Tail website, Steam, and itch.io.

Twist your hungry brain in the game about tofu, foxes, and Japanese folklore

A Tofu Tail is the flavor-swapping puzzle game featuring simple yet addictive gameplay that is bursting with color. This fairytale tells the story of a man-turned-tofu by a deceptive fox spirit, the Kitsune. Mr. Tofu must search the surreal puzzle realms of the foxes for a way to break his curse!

Gameplay involves moving a sentient tofu cube around an immersive world. Only tiles of the same color as Mr. Tofu may be traversed and – like tofu – he can absorb the properties of objects around him to change his color. Progression through the various fox worlds adds new puzzles and emergent challenges.

You can find the launch trailer here: https://youtu.be/HpUT9-BWGbE

Features included at release:

  • Solve addicting puzzles across 100+ levels.
  • Explore and experience each of the dream-like Kitsune realms.
  • Take part in a whimsical story influenced by Japanese folklore.
  • Become immersed in a unique hand-drawn art style.
  • Lose yourself in an imaginative and blood-pumping chiptune soundtrack.

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A Tofu Tail has been in part-time development for several years. While release windows were teased in the past, they were ultimately passed by as more polish and features went into the game’s development. The puzzle game was greenlit by the Steam community back in October 2015, but the development team ultimately decided that it wasn’t ready just yet.

Ryan Brolley, the co-founder and lead engineer of alchemedium, expanded on this: “We thought about releasing A Tofu Tail a few times already. We had a successful Greenlight campaign, and briefly ran a Kickstarter at the end of 2015 to get funding together in hopes to finish the game more quickly. But it became clear to me that the game needed much more work before it was ready for release, so we cancelled the Kickstarter and went to work for a few more years.”

During this time, A Tofu Tail underwent a design change that altered the core experience of the game. Doug Locke, another developer on A Tofu Tail, states: “Continued playtesting and feedback proved to the team that the puzzles needed to be hand-crafted rather than procedurally generated; created with careful iteration and more designer intent. This pivot further delayed release of the game, but we believe that we now have a solid experience that will keep players engrossed for extended play!”

For more information about A Tofu Tail, you can follow @alchemedium or visit www.ATofuTail.com

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