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Jadiri Gamer Eternal The Card Game Game of the day casual Rank alright as always we are in casual Rank we are looking for three wins at leats more if time allows.

We Collected enough Gold to Purchase anther deck today this makes 3 decks this week we also won a new avatar LOOKING GOOD

we are really Enjoying eternal TCG mostly practice looking to find our way around hoping to invest a bit in some gems for a few more decks lets see where we can get collecting gold as well is a key goal at this time to get involved in other things.

this is the New Deck we pickled up today shows lots of Promise.

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Wasteland Distortions DeckList

4 Muck Crawler (Set6 #184)
1 Remembrance (Set6 #185)
2 Torch (Set1 #8)
1 Olly, Maniacal Graverobber (Set6 #193)
1 Ornate Katana (Set1 #23)
3 Ruins Guide (Set6 #15)
1 Stronghold Vandal (Set6 #17)
3 Tantrum (Set6 #27)
2 Beastcaller's Amulet (Set1 #282)
2 Coverfire Marksman (Set6 #21)
4 Crooked Alleyguide (Set6 #197)
3 Death Ripple (Set6 #199)
2 Lethrai Direbeast (Set6 #201)
2 Nimble Conscript (Set6 #23)
2 Quake Titan (Set6 #24)
2 Lethrai Falchion (Set1 #285)
4 Mining Team (Set6 #31)
2 Combustion Brawler (Set6 #34)
1 Eye for an Eye (Set5 #176)
2 Fallen Militiaman (Set6 #214)
2 Stonescar Outfitter (Set6 #216)
2 Waystone Elemental (Set6 #38)
1 Heretic's Cannon (Set6 #40)
1 Direwood Lurker (Set6 #225)
11 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
12 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)
4 Seat of Chaos (Set0 #60)
4 Stonescar Banner (Set1 #419)

Watch don't ask who were coming for we are coming to get you come watch us take on the odds some are odder than others.

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