MTG Arena Game of the day “Dark Defenders” Ease into Sunday

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Dark Defenders" ok Today a Homebrew deck we have used before it has been tweaked and had a facelift it had a different name.

The dark defender was a strong die-hard deck to bad they were all out to Flame opponents

it is not a meta deck or any such thing Just a random pick the sort of deck building you might find in draft event you might say pick card from the random packs to build your deck this can produce some interesting combination.

this deck was pretty good held its own again them overpowered and unbalanced decks nicely, I did switch up deck but mainly because they were on me with burn deck so I turned up the heat just a bit and finished off the quest we didn't make a lot of forward movement but did hold rank that's something

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game is still not performing great Broken shuffle & matching are lacking cards need tighter control. cant make this group listen or fix the problem not an issue of can't do it this is a multi-billion-dollar company lots of cash and power behind them they sure can hire the best they just got to want it.

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