Saturdays Main Event MTG Arena Game of the day “Azorius Senate”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Azorius Senate" ok this deck of the day should be perfect for our quest of the day Provided the game is performing as it should we get the shuffle and matches we should.

This Game of the day was a big blow out this game gets worse with even hour now I believe they need to fix the real problem or just toss in the towel

there is no way this starter deck should get matched with a player who has a deck that can or will make mystic starter deck just are not able to contend with this they were not built with this type of power

this was a good deck for the quest complete the goal in one match no we didn't win the match the game was not working well lack of matching Broken Shuffle cards out of balance uncontrolled you name it 8 matches 7 losses even the odds stated for the game against this record a new player should be able to trio on 2 wins in a dozen.

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and I have nearly every card you don't have to buy at my figure tips to play with one of the toughest burn decks in the game I played with and I was still out power by opponents that could only cast 2 land cards how is this even possible.

Jadiri Gamer Live streams the game of the day every day picking a hero card of the day to break down take a far closer look at for new players Knowledge is Power.

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