MTG Arena Game of the day “adventure time: Thursday Adventure

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "adventure time: We have used this deck many times it is perfectly suited for our quest of the day attack 30 creatures.

It usually takes a

well this one went the distance the better part of an hour in the first part of that time seeing and taking out less than 2 creatures

we will be watching for a hero card of the day since we have played this deck more than a few times we will be watching all deck we play during the stream for the Hero card of the day today.

This was a fair day it took us a long while to plow through that 30 attacks mainly because I didn't get a lot of matches where players were using anything but sideboard I really don't understand that tactic it doesn't make them tough in any way if anything makes them weak and open to attack on there life force and more times than not find themselves surrendering.

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either way what bad on them is good for me after the better part of an hour we finished the quest of the day and ranked up, leveled up and got out while we were clearly ahead.

there was the notice of an MTG arena mantanice update when we started play we still need to check that what was changed fixed if anything I know they were supposed to start adding some of the social feature friend lists and such not sure if it was this time around or not.

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