Memories on the Shoreline

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Melody wanted a break from her stressful med classes— so when spring break came around, she dragged her best friend Shion with her to the beach. However, things don’t go quite so smoothly when they meet Brennan, a local fisherman, and Crylis… a mermaid?!

Memories on the Shoreline is an otome dating sim featuring Melody, a med student, on her vacation of a lifetime where she meets two bachelors while at the beach.

Brennan, the cheeky lady’s man who’s a bit overprotective, and Crylis, the fugitive merman who’s hides behind a lot of snark. How exactly is she going to get herself out of this trouble—?!This is a visual novel meant for a female audience and is made by a team of almost entirely women.


  • 5 hours long for all routes
  • 2 love interests, the fisherman and the merman
  • 5 endings with Steam achievements for each
  • CG gallery and dress-up mini game outside the main game

About Development:Memories on the Shoreline was inspired by a trip to the beach- we wanted to make a visual novel with female readers in mind that was as relaxing as going to the beach. About Crystal Game Works:Crystal Game Works LLC is a visual novel and RPG development company owned by MikomiKisomi, which has published romance visual novel titles such as That Which Binds Us, Alice in Stardom, Paths Taken, and more.

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