MTG Arena Game of the day “Chandra’s Blaze”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Chandra's Blaze" this one should get us through the quest of the day is a fair amount of time provided the game is playing fair with all today,

This was our Strongest Game of the day in Weeks Chandra's Blaze really kept them on there heals

cast 25 lands this will take some time but with this mono-color deck, we should speed things up and have some interesting battles while getting there.

This was a good day we had a few more wins than losses though we really got clubber the last 2 matches much higher power decks than we had been playing in the beginning.

Chandra's Blaze is clearly one of the stronger powerhouse decks I have there are a few others that are very mighty in the right play condition each deck has its merit in the right situation.

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Jadiri game Live Stream the Gam of the day Every day on Facebook, Feature a hero Card of the day and we make or play the Deck of the Day Bringing to and trick that can be useful to the New Play and help make them more at ease with deck building of there own, Pre-Made decks are great but nothing like winning with the deck you crafted yourself.

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