KartRider: Drift, the latest iteration of the highly successful kart racing game, KartRider, was revealed today at X019. Building upon its celebrated 15-year history, KartRider: Drift delivers all the action of its predecessor with even more drift challenges and deeper customization.


Players Can Sign Up Now for the Exclusive Closed Beta Starting Early December

Starting today, racers can sign up for the Closed Beta to test out the game’s cross-platform capabilities via Xbox One, including Xbox One X, Steam and Nexon Launcher.

First released in 2004, KartRider, has amassed 300 million players in Asia and evolved into an esports phenomenon in Korea. Making its introduction on Xbox One, including Xbox One X, KartRider: Drift is a cross platform free-to-play game that delivers intuitive gameplay for all skill levels. Offering wide customization features across karts and character design, KartRider: Drift encourages racers to express their unique personality as they cross the line. 

KartRider: Drift offers three distinct modes including Time Attack an easy-to-learn Item Mode, and a competitive Speed Mode, which offers hard-to-master drifting techniques for players looking for a greater challenge. Featuring stunning Unreal Engine 4 graphics, KartRider: Drift is optimized from the ground up to deliver a stellar online experience, with a breadth of content lined up, including constantly evolving seasonal updates. For the latest news and updates on KartRider: Drift, follow @KartRiderDrift on Twitter.

Players interested in joining KartRider: Drift’s exclusive Closed Beta, beginning on December 5 PST/ December 6 GMT, can sign-up at: playkartrider.com.

Media interested in the Closed Beta can contact [email protected] for additional information.
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Press Assets:

Localised Trailers:
French trailer (PEGI): https://youtu.be/w1gIgrOStm8
French trailer (UNRATED): https://youtu.be/uXYqpuzsyAc
German trailer (UNRATED): https://youtu.be/sHVoeIoTMGk
English RP version: https://youtu.be/zZU18eS-zMw
English PEGI version: https://youtu.be/ohX2ZPL-2Hw
English Unrated version: https://youtu.be/AX6hB-B7Gro

About KartRider: Drift http://playkartrider.com/
Launched in 2004, KartRider is a massively popular multiplayer racing franchise that boasts more than 380 million PC players. Making its debut to western audiences, KartRider: Drift takes inspiration from earlier iterations of the game, delivering drift-fueled racing action, featuring different game modes, and deep customization. Available on Xbox One, including Xbox One X, Steam and Nexon Launcher (PC), KartRider: Drift offers cross-platform capabilities to challenge friends regardless of the platform they choose.


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