Endgame Content Abounds in Astellia’s Roadmap

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Barunson E&A is thrilled to reveal an exciting array of new content coming to Astellia. The brand new roadmap reveals a broad spectrum of activities is coming to the game between now and the start of 2020!

Avalon to open, Miodan Mine to explore, Christmas and More!

Throughout the remainder of 2019, Barunson has big plans for players. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come: 

  • Avalon is coming this month! The large-scale tri-faction PvP battleground is nearly here! Once launched, players will be able to take part in a weeklong pre-season kick off event to earn a variety of unique special event rewards. Read more about Avalon here.
  • Miodan Mine will open in December as a new end-game content zone. It offers max level players a chance to participate in a wide variety of activities that can reward some sweet, sweet loot including class-specific treasures and tokens that can be redeemed for high-level consumables. Read the developer diary detailing Miodan Mine here.
  • A seasonal holiday-themed hunting ground will open where players can earn Christmas holiday items and goodies. Braga Clause will bring holiday cheer and seasonal quests for all good little Astellians.

Heading into 2020, players can look for even more awesome content including a new Astel champion, a Guild Arena, new dungeons, events, the addition of an Astel Equipment system, a new 12 player raid, and much, much more.

Editors: If you’d like a chance to chat with the Astellia team about its new roadmap or upcoming content, be sure to let us know!

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