Dream Detective Begins Her Investigation of Dream Land on PC and Mobile Soon

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 Get your sleep thinking cap on because Century Game will soon launch its upcoming highly-interactive and beautifully crafted puzzle game, Dream Detective, on PC, Android and iOS.


Pre-register now and help Detective Allie discover the truth behind Dream Land’s plunge into chaos across 200+ beautifully-designed levels

Detective Allie is the star investigator of Dream Detective who finds herself in Dream Land one Tuesday afternoon. This new world is in peril as its precious Time Crystal has been shattered by unknown thieves, leaving time itself to become unstable. It’s up to Allie to restore what has been lost and bring peace to the land before the realm plunges further into chaos.In Dream Detective, players will explore over two hundred beautifully-crafted Dream scenes that bridge imagination with the real world as they guide Allie on a path of growth and discovery. With thousands of lines of dialogue, a diverse cast of characters, and nearly 100,000 interactions and texts, Dream Detective will offer the ultimate object-finding gameplay experience in a fun, cute, and creative package.

Key features for Dream Detective include:

  • Dream, dream, dream: Unique, fascinating Dream scenes that bridge the worlds between reality and imagination. Grow along with the protagonist, guiding her path through your decisions. Help rebuild Dream Land and decorate your very own Castle.
  • Treat for the eyes and mind: A chic art style with hidden details to bring you the ultimate object-finding gameplay experience. Over 200 beautifully-designed, challenging and creative levels with even more planned for release.
  • Discover a world filled with secrets: Thousands of lines of dialogue, featuring a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life, each waiting to share their stories... and secrets. Discover nearly 100,000 interactions and texts throughout your journey.
  • Collect ‘em all: Customize your character with hundreds of costumes, discover secret elves, and uncover the mysteries plaguing Dream Land - you can collect to your heart's content.

Dream Detective is currently accepting pre-registrations on Google Play and the App Store and will launch for free on December 4, 2019. The Steam version launches on the same day and will retail for $7.99.

For more information, please visit https://www.centurygame.com/

About Century Game
Founded in 2010, Century Game has over 600 employees from over 20 countries and houses eight internal studios.

Since its debut, they have released several games on Facebook Canvas Games, including Family Farm, which ranked first in social games among Asian game developers on Facebook’s platform. In 2016, they helped publish KingsGroup’s large-scale strategy game King of Avalon, becoming a bestseller in 67 countries. In 2017, they teamed up with KingsGroup to publish Guns of Glory, which became another bestseller in 45 countries and regions.

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