MTG Arena Game of the day ” Out For Blood” Saturday Main Event

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Out For Blood
today attack 45 Creatures is the daily quest we are very late with the game of the day today om sure we will be switching up deck to help move the quest of the day along and be hoping the game is will play fair and match well so we can get through this in a fair amount of time.

well this end as a very strong day for us our deck was as I said great help hard to beat when given the fair chance to play

as it should be the key here is casual play, not esports training no one playing casually can play the game nonstop day and night 20 to 40 minutes is what life allows most.

SO today went well once the shuffle and fairness got started we ranked up Mastery Level went up and we won a fair number of the game in a later play,

It usually takes a

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there is nothing huge or monumental for the game coming up would be a good opportunity for the developers to work out the problems that have been dogging this game for over a year now

we will try to stay hopeful they will one day soon fix the issues until then I am not dealing with poor shuffle overpowered uncontrol card I will purchase next to nothing my accounts for Eternal and other card games are still open and going nowhere.

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