MTG Area Game of the Day”Selesnya Conclave” Friday Arena Mania

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Fandomfare Gaming MTG Area Game of the Day "Selesnya Conclave" we have used this deck in the past I think it will be perfect for out Green and white Quest of the day Last we used this deck it Cleaned house Helped us level up.

It usually takes a

Selesnya Conclave this Deck is still a tough one to beat if you haven't got it to grab the decklist check this one out

to look at the makeup of this deck one can see it is built for destruction and mayhem perhaps confusion as killed off creature transform into Token creatures that at times are of the same strength as the original.

this deck like had said earlier gives a fair chance is a Pure Death and Destruction When we got a good deal this dead chewed through the Opponent no matter what they tossed at us so much so they decided to concede.

we did have an issue when we first started today the first 2 games were no lands to cast any cards just watch the opponent just take us down I can't and wont Play like that no matter what it cost in rank just will conceded and bail same with overpowered deck and deck set to mainly use cards from my deck against me without the need of mana to use them this I find most unfair.

for me rank in MTG Arena is not of most important I don't have hours on end to play the/ game anyhow I like to share tip knowledge that could fast track new players I didn't have such an advantage when I started.

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I am working on some thoughts for a few new live Stream features just need time to work on them thinking out a few more details for it before I give it a since Live streams can be most TIme intence not something you can stop and go at thinking a weekly feature would be easiest at least at first .

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