MINImax Tinyverse Full Release Coming Soon


Since the beginning of Early Access in December 2018, MINImax Tinyverse has gone through a lot of changes.

Regular Updates and Content Patches have allowed us to make the game evolve, always keeping close to our game balances the feedback and suggestions of our players.

Thanks to your participation and support, MINImax Tinyverse is now heading to a whole new phase of its journey: The full release of the game.

Full Release being a huge step for the game, we need a little bit more time to prepare. This is why there won’t be an update or a content patch this month.

We are always thankful for your support and for the love you have been giving our game.
You guys can expect more diverse content, more customization, and most importantly, way more fun!

We cannot wait to show you the finished version of MINImax Tinyverse, which is planned within January.

We will share more information and previews of new content coming into the game by the end of this month.

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