Eternal Championship Qualifier: The Time of Ancestors

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The road to the 2020 Eternal® World Championship begins with the first Eternal Championship Qualifier: The Time of Ancestors, November 15 – 17!

ECQ: The Time of Ancestors also marks the first competitive event using the new Expedition format…

What new decks will emerge to take down the competition? We’ll find out with $3,000 on the line in the first ECQ of the new season!

ECQ: The Time of Ancestors consists of two stages: Qualifiers that are open to all players on Steam, iOS, and Android, and the Finals that will feature the Top 64 players from the Qualifiers.

Participating in ECQ: The Time of Ancestors requires a registered and validated account and email address. This can be done through the Options menu in-game. We strongly encourage players to register and validate their email addresses in advance of attempting to enter the tournament.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you need help validating.

  • ECQ: The Time of Ancestors will use the Expedition format.
  • All players on Steam, iOS or Android phones & tablets can participate in ECQ: The Time of Ancestors.
  • The Qualifiers begin on Friday, November 15 at 10 am MST (17:00 UTC) and will close sharply on Saturday, November 16 at 4 pm MST (23:00 UTC).
    • Games in progress may be completed until 4:30 pm MST (23:30 UTC), at which time all scores will become final.
    • No one may enter the tournament or start a new game after 4:00 pm MST (23:00 UTC).
  • Players can complete their games at any time during the Qualifiers; there is no benefit or penalty for playing early, late, or throughout.
  • The Qualifiers consist of 28 games, win or lose.
  • The Top 64 players from the Qualifiers will progress forward to the Finals.
  • ECQ: The Time of Ancestors costs 1,800 Gems or 35,000 Gold to enter.

  • The Finals begin promptly at 11 am MST (18:00 UTC) on Sunday, November 17.
    • Qualifying players must be online and ready to play when the Finals begin.
    • You will receive an in-game prompt to join your first game when the Finals begin.
  • The Finals are open to only the top 64 players from the Qualifiers.
  • Finals matches are best-of-3 games, single-elimination, played with the same constructed deck used in the Qualifiers.
  • There will be a short delay between the last active game in a round and the start of the next round.

All Finalists’ decklists will be published prior to the Finals beginning.

  • Prizes will be delivered upon conclusion of the Finals; all packs are from The Flame of Xulta.
  • All players will receive four alternate-art copies of Permafrost, and a special ECQ: The Time of Ancestors premium card back!

  • All players will receive prizes based upon their number of wins in Qualifiers:

       Wins Qualifiers Prizes
15+ 40 Packs
11-14 34 Packs
6-10 30 Packs
2-5  26 Packs
0-1 22 Packs

  • Additionally, players in the Finals will receive prizes based on Leaderboard standings, as follows:

       Finish    Finals Prizes
1st  $1,000 & 32 Packs
2nd  $600 & 25 Packs
3rd-4th  $300 & 20 Packs
5th-8th  $200 & 16 Packs
9th-16th 12 Packs
17th-32nd  8 Packs
33rd-64th 4 Packs

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