MTG Arena Game of the day “Boros Battalion”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day “Boros Battalion” this Deck should help cut this quest down pretty good depending on how the game is running fair shuffles good Matching and all.

took Some doing but over time we managed to complete the old on to Rank we already had after 2 hours of play quest of the day with no positive gains at all

we are going to be watching for that hero card of the day to bring that to you in a short time after the live stream

Boros Battalion is a fair persistent and powerful deck that ran into trouble today with the super overpowered decks that has been seen since the rotation,

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playing against these overpowered decks on top of the broken shuffle and matching is getting very old and hard to justify playing Magic Arena many are saying the same thing in posts and discussion on server popular social boards.

we managed to do ok today but took twice as long to accomplish than necessary I lost track but I think in the end we managed to hold the play to finish fairly simple quest of the day dragged out longer than necessary and I couldn’t hang tight to the game in the end I needed a break to take care of things play ran from breakfast till lunch that’s a longe period for an average person caring for a family they need to get a grip on this I think .

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