MINImax Tinyverse Event: My Trooper Draft (With a Mustache)


New troopers have made their grand debut in the Tinyverse last month during out “Elemental Collision” content patch. Now, we were curious to know what type of troopers you guys would like to see join the game!

To stay in the theme of No-Shave November, we want to challenge you to create a trooper with facial hair!

The creator of trooper chosen by the art director PorkSoda will receive an amazing reward! (More details below!)

How does it work?

  • Go to our Official Discord and submit your trooper draft in the corresponding channel: #my-trooper-draft

  • Upload visual aid (picture, drawing, sketch, collage, doodle). Remember that your trooper should have a mustache or a beard! No need for complicated or intricate designs! Just make it original!

  • Give us details! What is the name of your trooper, what realm do they fight for, what are their characteristics, their back story, their skill(s) etc. You can submit your entry in the language of your choice!

  • The event will be going on from November 13th to November 27th. We will then reveal the winner during a community Stream.

Here is an example!

The Art Director of MINImax Tinyverse, ParkSoda himself will choose his favorite submission and sketch it in the style of MINImax Tinyverse! Can you imagine, your idea brought to life by none other than our Art Director? We will then reveal the finished product during a Community Stream and send it to the lucky winner!

Don’t wait any longer!
Join us on Discord and let your imagination flow!

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