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This November join a new MINImax Tinyverse “Mustache Tournament” with unique rules and fun prizes! Inspired by the No-Shave November movement, this tournament will allow only team builds of Aillai Champions and Troops that have facial hair in their design. Use your strategic genius to outsmart opponents and come up with the best mustache play!

Join our Mustache Tournament and challenge yourself to a hairy Aillai team build! Everyone is guaranteed a prize!

All participants will receive:

  • An Aillai sticker board
  • 1,000 Red/Blue
  • A Legacy Discord Role

1st place will receive:

  • $50 Steam Gift Card

2nd and 3rd place will receive:

  • $20 Steam Gift Card

We also have special prizes!

  • People competing in a MINImax Tournament for the first time will win an extra 1,000 Red/Blue
  • Community’s favorite team build and Dev Team’s favorite team build will both win a month of Discord Nitro
  • After the Stream of the Finals, one lucky viewer will be picked randomly to win a month of Discord Nitro.


  • Register on Battlefy page
  • Team Build Submission Requirements:
    Champion [x1]: Ortto, Tuppi, Trasus.
    Trooper [x6]: Footmen, Artilleryman, Rifleman, Wildman, Magus, Demolisher, Frost Sage, Cleric, Butcher.
    Miracle [x6]: Any.
    Submit your team build to @CM_Lemniscate, @CM_Lucatastrophe or @CM_jminjun on Discord in private messages.
  • The tournament will be a Best of 3 Single Elimination bracket system. Brackets will be seeded randomly.
  • Players will coordinate between themselves on Discord and determine the winner on Battlefy.
  • The semi-finals and the finals will be broadcast on Twitch.
  • Players are required to display professional and sportsmanlike behavior in their interactions with other competitors, tournament organizers as well as the caster.

This time, you will be given 48 hours to complete each round!

  • 1st round: November 21, 10 AM EST ~ November 23, 10 AM EST
  • 2nd round: November 23, 10 AM EST ~ November 25, 10 AM EST
  • 3rd round: November 25 10 AM EST ~ November 27, 10 AM EST
  • Finals: Will be decided between the two finalists and the caster (between November 28 and 30)

This time around, NaronoKano will be doing the honors of streaming for the tournament! We are really excited to have him as a master of ceremonies and are looking forward to his commentary! Go ahead and follow him on Twitch so you do not miss his streaming of the tournament! We will, of course, host him on our Official Twitch Channel as well.

About No-Shave November
No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization that works to support cancer prevention, research and education. They have started a yearly month-long journey during which people stop shaving and grooming to raise cancer awareness. We encourage you to consider joining it as well and contribute on or to your local cancer patient-supporting charities.

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