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The creator of sports and games of the future, Valo Motion from Finland, will introduce a brand new model for their trampoline game platform ValoJump. ValoJumpers all over the world can soon experience ValoJump games on a huge 86-inch display.

To celebrate the new ValoJump Model 86 Valo Motion has produced a new trailer video.

It shows a guy sneaking into Valo Motion warehouse and having an exciting encounter with the new Model 86:

Model 86 for ValoJump
The new ValoJump model has been highly requested in a time when Valo Motion’s partner locations are looking for ways to remain fresh in the competitive family entertainment market. There are new entertainment venues such as trampoline parks and family entertainment centers popping up with Valo Motion’s game platforms and the older parks are looking for new attractions. ValoJump Model 86 is the answer to a growing market demand. While the Model 86 offers a bigger screen, the current Model 55 is a great option when the location or venue owner is looking to purchase a fully impact protected and enclosed device. 

A huge 86-inch display provides even more immersive playing experience than the previous ValoJump model. The new model will be available during spring 2020.

Model 86 debuts at IAAPA Expo 2019
The viral sensation Valo Motion will attend the IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando for the first time with their own stand E7141. Valo Motion’s products have been sold to almost 300 locations in 53 countries. Still the North American market remains one of the key areas for Valo Motion sales expansion. World’s first two player game on a trampoline, Super Stomp can be played for the first time at the IAAPA Expo trade show in Orlando in November 19th–22nd. 

Valo Motion will attend the IAAPA Expo 2019 with a mission to communicate their three main benefits to entertainment venues and resellers. The most important element in this is being able to test Valo Motion products in order to experience the benefits first hand. Valo Motion will have two ValoJump’s for the two player trampoline game Super Stomp and the new game Trax at the stand. There will also be a ValoClimb climbing wall to see and play the new improved visual experience, as well as the new game Flash.

The three core benefits of Valo Motion products are:

1) ValoClimb and ValoJump are a great way to bring in new customers, since they offer a game changing experience making the players feel themselves like actual superheroes. ValoClimb games are suitable for all kinds of entertainment venues from trampoline parks to climbing halls – or even for museums and malls. ValoClimb and ValoJump games are also great in retaining existing customers as they can be played again and again. Social features such as gameplay video sharing and high score sharing bring in new customers to the entertainment venues.

2) Valo Motion games bring industry winning fast return on investment to any indoor location. ValoJump and ValoClimb both have great size-to-revenue ratios. For example, a ValoClimb installation has a footprint of about 11′4″ (3.45m) high, 13’6″ (4.1m) wide and 16′ (4.8m) deep.

3) Valo Motion games are worry-free solutions to any location. The products are made in Finland – a country with a solid reputation of quality products. Valo Motion has taken extra care in making sure their products are easy to use and easy to maintain, thanks to Valo Motion’s online support and backend monitoring services.

Valo Motion will partner up with GRTCrew’s talented acrobatic athletes to showcase Freestyle Trampoline jumping with ValoJump games at the expo. Helmed by the famous trampoline jumper Greg Roe, the GRTCrew is promoting the Freestyle Trampoline extreme action sport. Four GRTCrew members are at the expo showing what is physically possible to do in ValoJump games.

More info (Model 86 video) (Model 86 photos) 

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