MTG Arena Game of the day Saturdays Main Event “Izzet League”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Saturdays Main Event "Izzet League" Todays Quest of the Day is Blue and Red hoping this deck can cut it it wasn't really built for big Spell power more remove Creatures and Destroy the planeswalker.

This is one of the best game days we have seen in nearly 2 weeks we did switch up the deck to grind up a little rank after the quest was finished

we may have to Switch up decks to finish off the quest of the Day we shall see, Sometimes taking a new look can reveal new things you have not yet discovered.

I did switch up decks, not untill the quest of the day was complete this deck was holding its own out there the game seemed to be running fair today. the Hero card of the day worked its magic for me once and got us a last-minute victory our second match in.

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jadiri Gamer Live streams the Game of the day every day on facebook, bringing tip and tricks for the new play and a closer look at Hero cards each day the better you know what cards do and how they can play together and into your plan will make you a stronger player

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