MTG Arena Game of the day “adventure time” Friday

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "adventure time" ok well this deck should hold up in this pretty well provided the games shuffle and match are up to the challenge quest Simply kill 20 creatures sounds easy enough till you get in the game and discover rather than playing the opponent you fighting the games AI which don't seem to know or care what the battle is or wa adventure time

adventure time turned out to be far more than a challenge as the game seem to play by its self as t opponents sit=t and watch any hope fade

This was a harsh day but better than some we have seen, Big trouble today the only time Opooonets stuck around to play the game is when I had no lands to actually cast and play cards when I was dealt 3 or more lands with Creatures The opponents left before casting a single card.

I played over 12 matches won 3 and 2 of then was the Opponents Concededing before playing a card some times they would cast 2 or 3. and it just didn't seem to matter what deck O Played I lost rank was unable to even regain losses in this mess.

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there is a lot of things you can do when an MTG deck your playing is the Problem Not a single thing you can do when a game dev is a problem continually month after month same problems.

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