zeuz technology empowers Daedalic’s brand new RTS title A Year Of Rain

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Munich-based technology and backend provider zeuz cooperates with German developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment on their new release A Year Of Rain, which has just hit Steam as an Early Access title. In order to provide a flawless launch as well as an overall satisfying game experience,

 A Year Of Rain relies on zeuz next gen orchestration technology. The hero-focused game features classical team RTS elements as well as expansive story campaigns.

The zeuz next gen orchestration used for A Year Of Rain is extremely versatile and powerful. It can be controlled via API and orchestrates the game servers through a container based super cloud that combines the best features of bare metal and major cloud providers. zeuz will always provide the best possible mix of both worlds, ensuring high-performance at low-cost. Thanks to easy to use SDKs, the implementation is as simple as possible. Additionally, tools like “zeuz push” provide command line control at the developer’s fingertips.

“We are very proud, that we are able to work with Daedalic on this exciting project. It’s a great challenge to establish a fresh IP, especially given current market trends”, says Markus Schneider, CEO and Co-Founder of zeuz. “Everything has to work right from the start – if players experience problems connecting to servers or have to cope with laggy gameplay, their enthusiasm fades fast. We worked very closely with Daedalic’s development team to make sure this won’t happen to A Year Of Rain.”A Year Of Rain builds around classic RTS elements with hero- and team-oriented gameplay and expansive story campaigns. The game also relies on a high e-sports claim with competitive 2 vs. 2 matches. To meet these requirements, zeuz provides a flawless, fast backend solution and builds-up an extensive framework for competitive gaming all around the globe.

The release trailer can be found on YouTube.

More information about zeuz.ioDaedalic Entertainment and A Year Of Rain.

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