MTG Arena Game of the day “Simic Combine”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Simic Combine" today Green and the blue quest of the day this should work if the game is playing fair we will be watch ing for that hero card of the day too.

Simic Combine Never Gives up Simic Combine FInds a way this can be a tough deck against the right opponents

this is not the first time we have looked at this deck but it is worth looking at more than once and perfect for the Blue and Green Quest.

ok, today went fairly well when we could get the cards moving this deck push through it wasn't always winning the match but pushing through the quest which was key for what we were looking for.

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no rank up today but we didn't fall back either we held tight to what we had I guess we can say of this game of the day. the hero card from this deck is a commander card its a good card to have on your side at the right time.

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