MTG Arena Hero Card of the day “Beloved Princess”


Fandomfare Gaming MTG Arena Hero Card of the day "Beloved Princess" we didn't get to use this deck much today because of the poor state of the game Broken shuffling and dealing cards from multi-color decks, However.

This one is Small the biggest Move start most of the time with the Smallest Steps

This one is Small the biggest Move start most of the time with the Smallest Steps

Beloved Princess Stood out as a very overlooked card it's easy on land has life link and can not be Blocked by any card of more than 3 Power if you're in a hot and heavy battle taking heavy damage a pocket full Hero Cards of these could be just the ticket to cool down the other side.

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Beloved Princess Written on the card

Creature — Human Noble
1 / 1
Beloved Princess can't be blocked by creatures with power 3 or greater. Flavor: Sometimes a gentle slipper can travel where an armored boot's been denied.

this card can slow down that high power hitter while you regain some life take them back a peg or 2 Jadiri Game had the MTG Arena game of the Day every day which a hero card is chosen in hope of help new player understand their card and how they play together better


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