Fandomfare gaming MTG Arena Game of the day "Lifelink booster " this will be the first test of this deck on our Blue and white quest of the day we are hoping it is ready or at the least will hold the distance on this quest.

It usually takes a

we keep asking the same question will this group ever get it together is it that they only want their game promoted from the practice platform ?? its the one that can be depended on

ok this game of the day was unfortunate Could not get the cards to shuffle any matter how we tried not even adding 70% of the deck Lands. we did not get to complete a single game at all.

Took out the Mono-Red Deck and shuffle were right back to Normal even though Only 4 wins out of 23 games easy to see that the shuffling and matching is way off impossible to look after more than a year with the same issue it is possible in ways it's getting worse.

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they may I think have to do what all other card games of this type have to do add the lands no more suggested land just put the land in for the fixed number of the allowed cards in a deck and build for that.

this makes a lot more sense than what we put up with now making the game more frustration than casual playing no one wants to play a game that adds more struggle and stresses to a day and face it magic is more an adult game than a kids game.


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