MTG Arena deck of the day “Lifelink booster “


Fandomfare gaming MTG Arena deck of the day "Lifelink booster " this is a homebrew deck built to hopefully take on our Blue and white Spell Quest of the day.

we are hoping this one is at least up to going the distance through the quest we're going to out it to the test

we are hoping this one is at least up to going the distance through the quest we're going to out it to the test

this deck is untested were hoping we can go the distance with this one however it more depends on how the shuffle and matching for the game behave.

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DeckList for lIfelink booster

1 Sephara, Sky's Blade (M20) 36
1 Rally of Wings (WAR) 27
2 Winged Words (M20) 80
2 Eternal Skylord (WAR) 49
2 Azorius Skyguard (RNA) 155
3 Chillbringer (RNA) 33
1 Verity Circle (RNA) 58
2 Riddlemaster Sphinx (M19) 287
9 Plains (MI) 0
9 Island (MI) 0
1 Animating Faerie (ELD) 38
3 Dungeon Geists (M20) 57
2 Faerie Duelist (RNA) 39
2 Octoprophet (M20) 70
1 Serra's Guardian (M20) 310
3 Griffin Protector (M20) 20
1 Aerial Assault (M20) 1
3 Archway Angel (RNA) 3
2 Empyrean Eagle (M20) 208
2 Take Vengeance (M19) 40
3 Windstorm Drake (RNA) 60
2 Skatewing Spy (RNA) 52
1 Serra's Guardian (M19) 284
2 Light of the Legion (GRN) 19
3 War Screecher (WAR) 39
3 Island (ANA) 62
3 Plains (ANA) 61
3 Passwall Adept (GRN) 50
2 Persistent Petitioners (RNA) 44
3 Spellkeeper Weird (WAR) 69
1 Sphinx of Foresight (RNA) 55
1 Snapping Drake (M19) 75
2 Angelic Gift (M20) 5
2 Ajani's Pridemate (WAR) 4
2 Ajani's Pridemate (M19) 5
2 Blade Instructor (GRN) 1
1 Gideon Blackblade (WAR) 13
2 Makeshift Battalion (WAR) 22
3 Healer's Hawk (GRN) 14
3 Daybreak Chaplain (M19) 10
3 Charmed Stray (WAR) 8
1 Haazda Marshal (GRN) 13
2 Hushbringer (ELD) 18
2 Beloved Princess (ELD) 7
5 Plains (ROE) 22

We always suggest you take the decklist if you don't already have it and play it test it tweak it make it your own.we will be watching for a hero card of the day in the gameplay and bring that to you when the Live stream is over as we always do this deck is untested may need a tweak or 2 during our play to get it working well .


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