MTG Arena Game of the day “Out for Blood”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Out for Blood" Ok again we will try to kill 15 of our opponent's Creatures and we will do it with Vampires and Zombies to see if it any more Hard-hitting and Creature drawing then the last.

just can't argue with this one it was a great game of the day some opponents were a bit slow but overall good game

the big problem here is there is something new going on in arena land most players are trying to play by putting out little to no Creatures on the battlefield this makes it rough to complete the quest and other challenges in the game.

this is Great the game is into Giving players unfair advantages all they need to do is hunt them out or spent their way to them, this deck is as close as it as they come little more tweaking it would be top-notch.

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the number of taking 2 or 3 from creature give 2 to 5 life and destroy creature cards in this deck if one adds 2 or three more like them which you can easily do with black will run the opponent out of card boost your life to 30 to 50 have a few power cards set to take them down .

this was a good game of the day we leveled up and held the line, we did switch decks, in the end, to toughen up and finish off the quest good play good opponents.

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