Last week Void Eclipse launched on Kickstarter and is already funded at 72%!


 Tau Ceti Studios launched Void Eclipse, their sci-fi mashup of turn-based card battles and 4X strategy, on Kickstarter last week. Reception for the game has been excellent with Kickstarter putting the game on their coveted Projects We Love list.

 Void Eclipse is a blend of genres for fans of turn-based 4X empire-building, story-driven single-player campaign, and card battling strategy.

Players explore unique planets and star systems to discover the origin of the android protagonist, saving an alien empire faced with a mysterious threat.

 Characters in Void Eclipse are represented in battle as 3D animated cards in tactical turn-based combat, taking full advantage of the Unreal Engine to provide impressive visuals and special effects. The game is slated for a release to the PC market in 2020, and the Kickstarter is on track to exceed their funding goal.

Players will evolve their empire throughout a story-driven single-player campaign by unlocking and upgrading unique alien characters. Each character features 10 unique in-game skills each with its own role of wreaking havoc for opponents. There are currently 9 characters revealed and 5 more to be released during the Kickstarter campaign.

 The early bird $30 tier on Kickstarter now includes a copy of the game and provides a 15% discount but that tier is running out with less than 125 copies left! Reserve your spot with a pledge to the Void Eclipse Kickstarter campaign:

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