Galactic Rangers VR is released for Steam today!

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It now becomes even more easy to enlist yourself as a Galactic Ranger, who is actually saving a Galaxy on its day job, as Galactic Rangers VR from the developer and publisher DGMA has arrived on Steam today, on November 5!

Rise and shine, Galactic Ranger! Time to save the Galaxy, but this time it would be for real, just do not forget your VR gear – Galactic Rangers VR available now!

The very arcade game will immerse you just like an arcade cabinet, onto space battle, where you are one of the Galaxy saviours. Galactic Rangers VR reveals the story of a mysterious menace that is threating the Galaxy, as a race of robotic space pirates. It is up to the player to fight through those hordes of bad robots. The game features colourful but realistic graphics, tons of enemies, powerful weapons, and awesome music, every Galactic Ranger needs! 

“We are absolutely excited about our premiere, little nervous as well, thrilling to get some real feedback from the players,” – said Andrey Lukashov, DGMA Chief Technical Officer. ”The game is not about some interesting new tech we implemented indeed, but it also about cool graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and more importantly, the deep immersion of player right into the shoes of Galactic Ranger”

Get ready player one, you are about to enter most exciting and immersing VR action you ever imagined” – that is what most advertising booklet says. But that is not the case with Galactic Rangers VR, as the game will take you literally into deep space, cold and furious. But have no worries, you will come well prepared, just get your VR gear!

Galactic Rangers is a VR only product, that supports a vast majority of VR devices such as Oculus Touch, Steam VR/HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality. The game is launched on Steam and later to be released for Oculus Store and Windows Store.

But wait, there is more!

A new trailer has been released as well, just for your viewing pleasure!

More about Digital Games Makers Association:

DGMA is a brand new developer forming around the idea of bringing simple but immersive arcade-like games back to VR community. While DGMA uniting some serious VR scene veterans, it also has few developing studios around the globe, such as Moscow and Hong Kong-based offices.

Steam Page:

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