MTG Arena Game of the day “Cult of Rakdos”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Cult of Rakdos" ok Today Quest 45 Creature Spells its Been a bit SInce I have played this Deck I hope we can get through a good part of that 30 I know were going to shift deck 45 Creature spells is aa lot in one go.

This Deck of the day really needed a few more persistent creatures to make it useful in this big quest we had going here today

ok well this was a Challenging Quest of the day for sure our Deck of the day just really didn't have the certain something it took to get through this mission we ended up using 3 different decks to complete thing

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we Ranked up a Notch and I think this was out longest Game of the day in a while without a doubt. I tried really hard to come out on top but the cards are so out of balance they are just making matches to have matches rather than fitting people together people playing with starter decks like I was using should be matched with other starter decks.

rather than worry about all the eye candy fix the gameplay that would be good.

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