Deck of Ashes HALLOWEEN CONTEST Hello friends! In anticipation of Halloween, we want to hold a contest and award winners with the Deck of Ashes merch

Deck of Ashes is an adventure game with tactical card combat. One character at a time, lead the cast of antiheroes on a quest for redemption.

What is the contest about?

Since monsters are a huge part of our game world, we invite you to feel the atmosphere of Halloween and show your imagination in our creative contest!

It usually takes a

Competition Rules

  • describe / draw / blend a monster in a Halloween style (pumpkins, candles, bats, etc. are welcome). Show your imagination and send your work in any form. There are no restrictions on execution – the more creativity you show, the higher your chance of winning;
  • join our channel in Discord:


6 prizes! The places will be distributed among the most remarkable (according to our team) works.


1. T-shirt with a game logo + Deck of Ashes key;
2. Cup with a game logo + Deck of Ashes key;
3. Mouse pad with a game logo + Deck of Ashes key;
4. Deck of Ashes key;
5. Deck of Ashes key;
6. Deck of Ashes key.

The procedure for determining the winners

You can send your job until November 3 to us by mail: [email protected]
The results will be summed up on November 5 as a separate post!


You can ask any questions about the contest here:



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