New Alpha 2.1 Update Allows Dual Universe Building Community to Break Ground… In Space!

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The brand new Dual Universe Alpha 2.1 update has been released to the community of backers.

In this update, the Novaquark team has introduced new Space Core Units, a building element allowing players to build constructs in space.

From deep-space trading outposts to orbital gas stations, Dual Universe players will now begin colonizing the system. Other changes in this latest update include overall improvements to the game’s physics, construct collision detection, piloting changes, and more. 

celebrate the new Space Core feature, the Novaquark team has announced a
community contest challenging players to stretch their creative skills
in zero-g. From October 31 to January 13, Dual Universe Alpha players
will be competing to build the best space stations and orbital
platforms. A full list of contest rules is available on the Dual
Universe Space Station Building Contest blog

To find out more about the new Space Core feature, check out the latest Dual Universe DevBlogs on the Alpha 2.1 Update and Space Core Units

Learn more about previous winning community creations in their Shipbuilding and Outpost contest blogs. 

Novaquark will be showing off their latest build and recruiting new
talent at the Montreal International Gaming Summit. To set up an
interview with the Novaquark team, get hands-on with Dual Universe, or
schedule a tour of the Montreal office, reach out to Evolve PR.

About Dual Universe

  • UNIVERSE (available in test version):
    The first fully editable universe made for players by players. The only
    limit is your imagination! Gather your friends and build on a truly
    epic scale, from ships, cities and space stations, to Lua scripted
    puzzles and interactive constructs.
  • MASSIVE (available in test version):
    Dual Universe is the first game where potentially millions of players
    can interact together simultaneously, inside the same giant universe. We
    call it the Continuous Single Shard Cluster (CSSC) technology. This
    proprietary technology means no multi-server player separation,
    instances or loading times, just one enormous, persistent universe.
  • EXPLORATION (partially available in test version):
    Explore & Discover new worlds with your friends, find rare
    resources and build the greatest place in the universe. Will you be a
    nomad treasure hunter, or a calculating profiteer?
  • ECONOMY (partially available in test version):
    Dual Universe will have the most realistic economy system ever made in a
    game. From weapons and tools, to spaceships and giant space stations,
    build and trade everything to everyone - at your price - on your own
  • WARFARE (work in progress):
    Fight for supremacy, resource control or geostrategic advantage, as you
    join with fellow players and create your own defense systems, build
    warships, cities and space stations. Will you defend yourself or lay
    waste to your enemies?
  • POLITICS (work in progress):
    Be a lone wolf or choose an organization or build your own, hire new
    players, fight other alliances, cut deals with them or rule your own
    part of the Universe with this completely open political landscape, full
    of emergent gameplay opportunities.

About Novaquark

goal is to create the first virtual online civilization, enabling
potentially millions of players to shape and share a metaverse of their
own, together, at a scale never seen before. A world with meaning, where
everything you do matters and has a permanent impact. Novaquark,
composed of veterans from Sony, Apple, Epic Games and Bioware, is on a
mission to bring a new generation of MMO through science, expertise and
technological innovation.

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