MTG Arena Game of the day “Swamp Blood” Saturday Main Event

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "Swamp Blood" Well we are going to test this deck here for the Frist time we may need a tweak or 2 you just never know when you first play a newly-made deck.
Come on along for the fun grab the decklist build it out to work for you.

The Game of the day in the Bloody Swamp What could go wrong there RIGHT

well this Turned out to be a complete mess I did manage to level up and all but had nothing to do with this deck the game simply would not shuffle the cards so I could play them I had to get a mono deck out and take on the day.

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this deck I built can get through these quests I know they can but the game many shuffles and give you the lands of both colors to play cards our Hero Card of the day Midnight Reaper was the one card that can=me out in both match attempts to give help.

we hope you enjoy the Live stream and Tips we do every day, Hero card of the day is to Hilite a card and help give a more individual understanding of a card.

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