MTG Arena Game of the day evergreen flames”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day evergreen flames" Quest of the Day Red and Green, This is a home Brew deck we just pulled some cards together for this quest Pretty sure we can slice through this one no Trouble .get this decklist and Test it and tweak it for yourself

we Like the power of the deck of the day as of late most of the day we have shown are top-notch this one needs a liitle change but it held up

Just as we figured this deck had the Kick to get the quest done But to many beginner cards to win the day without more help and work all was good, we just took out the great equalizer the mono-red deck and retook our rank. someday the game will understand good matching.

we are looking forward to laying claim to some new decks and upcoming card collections soon we are hoping

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