MTG Arena Game of the day “Orzhov Syndicate”

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Orzhov Syndicate Today s Quest of the day Black and White yes we have used this deck before it should do just what we need to Feel free to grab the decklist find it in a post on the facebook page or on our Blog Fandomfare,com we will be watching for that Hero Card of the day .

this was a great game of the day got through the Quest Won enough to level up twice Mastery and once in rank

THis was a great deck for the Quest of the day we got through and ranked up in 3 matches not only quest worthy this day Toughs it out and can take matches.

the Hero Card Basilica Bell-Haunt " does not really seem to look like much at first glance But getting opponents to discard from there hand while you gain 3 life for each of these you can cast can set you on top fast.

we hope you enjoy the Game of the day stream and out with our deck and Card tips please take time to like and follow our facebook page for more tips for all new players the Key is becoming a competent deck builder without knowing your cards Building deck with a card that help one another your just an observer

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