MTG Arena Game of the day “House Dimir”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "House Dimir" ok We will try this one for today's quest as always looking for Victory Lane.

wow couldn't really ask for a better Game of the day wish we had more time to play but just couldn't today

Hoping we have a powerful hero to see us through on a good day this deck will get you some forward momentum going.

well this day went pretty well we not only held our MTGA rank we moved upa notch or two and you can complain about that at all, the shuffle is still a bit rough but we managed to pull off a few good wins in our short playtime.

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I hope you enjoyed the stream and the game of the day our Hero card of the day Citywatch Sphinx there were several other strong contenders on the battlefield today we choose to feature this one.

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