MTG Arena Game of the day “graveyard trees”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day "graveyard trees" That's Right Graveyard Trees strange ingredient in the witches and Zombies spell I guess this should Rip through this quest no problem we shall see what the game allows.

ok this deck in the game of the day get a thumbs up it got us through and it never gave up

This Deck graveyard trees turned out to be a surprise winner it didn't quite have the power to take on some of the more recent decks out there, it held its own and I think with a few tweaks and few harder-hitting cards it could be right up there. and would be called a gravedigger.

the shuffle wasnt at it best today but a bit better than the last few so that is something, it seemed some are still having game issues with sudden disconnects or something just gets in the game ready to cast the first card and boom its game over

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