MTG Arena Game of the day “powerful green angels”

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day powerful green angels Ok today's Quest of the day Green and white Spells.I have Ian and Ellie here with me today Ian Pretty Much Built this Deck which is ok he knows this game Better then I do he played it once or twice table style without crying when he lost.
This deck is homebrew untested let get started.

wow ok, we built a really strong deck I believe it cut through the quest like soft butter

well we tried to do things a bit different today with the game I hope some Felt it was good. Ian seemed pretty happy with his creation and very disappointed with the MTG Arena game he has played before but as a 10-year-old magic player the game don't as well as he does and he notes his hands are too small to hold the whole thing and shuffle together.

he is a fairly good deck builder he gets his cards in bundles and in premade decks and he prefers his own decks by far, he is a little young sorta shy in ways still building his courage to Play for his first time at the local toy store on a Friday night or open house.

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