Following recently announced Galactic Rangers VR release date, DGMA team has revealed a new and fresh short release teaser.

Galactic Rangers VR release date has been recently announced as November 5.

To back up this glorious moment, the developers at DGMS team revealed short but juicy teaser. See real Galactic Rangers in real action, as well as few bits of gameplay!

Galactic Rangers VR reveals the story of a mysterious menace that is threating the Galaxy. You’re on a duty call, so, just grab your pair of blasters and dive into deep space. Literally, because every Galactic Ranger is relying on its spaceboard, blasting away endless waves of enemies as long as you can!
The game will be available November 5, 2019, on Steam.
Game features:

  • Easy to jump in wave-FPS   
  • Realistic and colourful graphics
  • Tons of enemies you have to blast through
  • Fast-paced action
  • Tons of fun, shooting and dodging as you blast off the enemies
  •  Cool gadgets and bonuses – super shields and time dilation
  • Awesome music score to help you get through the enemies

More about Digital Games Makers Association:
DGMA is a brand new developer forming around the idea of bringing simple but immersive arcade-like games back to VR community. While DGMA uniting some serious VR scene veterans, it also has few developing studios around the globe, such as Moscow and Hong Kong-based offices.


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