MTG Arena Game of the day Gruul Clans” Friday

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Gruul Clans" Todays Quest kill 15 of the opponent's creatures.

Just watch this one I don't think there is any who would not agree the matching and shuffle in the game are dead

Yes we have featured this deck in the past always worth a send Look and they all cant be homebrew there is only so many cards in the collection before they all look the same

.we will be looking for the Hero card of this day this is a strong deck there is plenty of heroes to go around

This was another Rough Day Poor Shuffling and Matching we Shifted are plans I think we Came out on top, just Not the Game of the day we planned in any way.

.there are new events coming our way here they just added Brawl event I don't know if this one is for me or not I will be looking into it .

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