MTG Arena Game of the day Boros Battalion

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day Boros Battalion is the Deck of the Day for the Redd and white Quest of a day, I thought this would be a perfect Deck to feature. this deck is pretty strong on a good day it kicks bass big time. hopefully today will be a fair test of our deck.

well this Deck Boros Battalion did ok when it got the fair deal we regained the lost rank more than I can boost most days

we are really starting to Notice Issues really bad with Broken Shuffle again and we are not the only one in checking Reddit and the MTGA Message Board Facebook lots are starting to get annoyed about this again it felt for a bit things were finally changing some in a good way,

the Boros decks are strong contenders and when they get a fair deal they are hard to beat, however They are a double color Deck and when they only get dealt one or 2 lands the same colors and thats all or they get land flooded with only one color they don't work at all no deck could really.

I don't like to complain but if your out there or if you exist at all wizards Fix your game, so we all can play fair matches or stop trying to rig matches whatever happens to be the case let us play because we all cane to play cards and there are other games out there that work great .

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