Door Kickers Action Squad Launches Today on Xbox One and PS4

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Get ready to kick in some doors, because today KillHouse Games are thrilled to launch Door Kickers: Action Squad on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Door Kickers Action Squad will launch on Nintendo Switch October 28th, 2019!

It usually takes a

Doors will be Kicked on Nintendo Switch starting October 28

Watch the Launch Trailer: 

 Live Action Nintendo Switch Specific Trailer: 

 Press Kit: 

Squad is the game that you get when you mix our top down strategy title
Door Kickers with an old school side scroller circa 1980-1990. Think
Golden Axe, Dangerous Dave, Green Berets, but don't think for one second
we're stuck in the past - we make games for the modern player and add
our own ideas to the mix. And we’ve always meant the game to be played
as informal as possible - easy to pickup, hard slash fun to master but
also inviting to play at any time and in any context: Alone, with a
friend online or a friend on your couch. 

there’s nothing more couch friendly and informal than playing on your
console, and we’ve always known the game is headed there. The full
Action Squad experience plus extra content and coolness we’ve added in
the meantime is now available on PS4, XBox One and the Nintendo Switch.”
says Dan Dimitrescu, game designer of the game series and bearer of the
“I’ve seen Tape Loading Errors you wouldn’t believe” stare. No words of
a Spectrum ZX version so far.

Kickers: Action Squad makes you think both tactically and strategically
as you send your SWAT-like team to kick down the doors, blast the bad
guys and rescue hostages in explosive Single Player and Co-op
Multiplayer – with Couch play included. Launched in late 2018 on the PC
and co-developed with PixelShard Labs, the game brings the full
experience to consoles while also adding one new chapter with 12 new
levels (The Slums) and a fun new playable character (the Off-Duty Guy).
The new chapter and character will be available on PC as a
free-for-all-players upgrade. 

Door Kickers: Action Squad gets to
have a limited edition boxed release as well, for Nintendo Switch and
PlayStation®4 in partnership with Strictly Limited Games. In addition to
the limited Standard Edition, there will also be an exclusive
Collector's Edition with 700 copies for PlayStation®4 and 1,500 copies
for Nintendo Switch, which can also be ordered at 

TL;DR : Door
Kickers Action Squad is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
It launches on Nintendo Switch October 28th,2019, and that's in 4

About KillHouse Games

KillHouse Games are a small indie studio founded in
late 2012, in Bucharest, Romania. They are made up of veterans of the
local big-name game studios and are building hardcore games for the 21st
century. Their first game Door Kickers has been regarded as one of the
best tactics games coming out of 2014. Door Kickers: Action Squad was
released on PC last September and has received Very Positive reviews. 

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