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Bare Knuckle Development are proud to announce that a massively expanded ‘turbo’ edition of their well-received retro space shooter Super Mega Space Blaster Special is coming to Nintendo SwitchTM and PlayStation®4 on 14th January 2020. The new definitive ‘turbo’ edition called ‘Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo’ adds a galaxy load of new content to the already feature-packed game. Loads of new ships, 2 new game modes, a massively expanded shop, unlockable warp-engines, over 20 new fun challenges, and upgradable power-ups are just some of the new turbo-charged content.

The turbo edition of the retro inspired frantic space shooter blasts its way onto consoles with more content than ever on 14th January 2020.

In Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo the player remotely controls ‘space blasters’ from an overly polluted Earth, battling aliens to colonise their planet and save humanity. The new game modes add to this story. ‘Save the Colony Mode’ adds a finite game-mode where players must rescue the ‘blastronaut‘ survivors of a destroyed colony ship from the clutches of alien forces. ‘One-Shot Mode’ adds a 2-player competitive dogfight training mode where 2 players battle it out with limited ammo. The game has 15 unique space blasters to unlock, 5 original varied game modes, over 40 challenges to complete for coins, 14 shop items to unlock, upgradable power-up weapons, and loads more. With all this new content Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo truly is the definitive version of this easy to play hard to master space blaster.

About Bare Knuckle Development:
Bare Knuckle Development is a small indie game studio based in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. After releasing their first title, Super Mega Space Blaster Special, on Steam to a string of good reviews they are in the process of releasing the much bigger ‘turbo’ edition on consoles. Once released they will then return to developing The Flawless: Art’s Tale, a metroidvania hack ‘n’ shoot action-RPG for PS4TM, Nintendo SwitchTM, and Steam(Win/Lin/Mac).

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